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Please read about our program & then answer the following questions about our Ambassador Program. Return your answer to Also include, 3-4 pictures of yourself (preferably in a look reflective of our brand) along with your Instagram name and other social media accounts.



Our Ambassador Program is for women who are excited about THE ASH's activewear and eager to promote. You will be required to post to your social media account(s) at least twice a week in THE ASH activewear or athleisure wear promoting the brand and encouraging your follower to purchase. You will be assigned a specific discount code to give out via social media and/or in person to those you come in contact with (example: LAURENREP15). The more people who buy on our site using YOUR PERSONAL CODE YOU GIVE THEM, the more incentives you will personally receive toward personal puraches. (Your social media will need to be made public in order to reach as many people possible) More specific details: you will initially receive two items at a 50% discount in order to start promoting the brand. Purchases after this you will start with a 25% discount on your ENTIRE order. Every person that buys using your personal discount code will earn you additional 1% off orders for yourself. It is very obtainable to to reach 100% in a month depending on how you choose to promote. Once an ambassador reaches 100% they can choose up to $200 worth of merchandise receive free of charge. Your percentage goes back to the original 25% at the 1st of every month.

MODELS: if you are interested in modeling for THE ASH please send additional photos along with any experience you have with modeling. PLEASE NOTE: no experience with modeling is required! Must me at least 18 years old.


APPLICATION (Ambassadors and Models):



Phone Number:

Age & Pledge Class:

Social Media you use along with your usernames:

Activities & Involvement (Greek, and around campus):

Hobbies (Outside of Greek and/or campus):


Favorite way to exercise/classes you take/gyms you go to, ect:

What do you do for fun:

An interesting fact about you:

What are your favorite brand currently for activewear:

Why do you think you would be a strong representative for THE ASH:

Why do you WANT to represent THE ASH:

What is your favorite piece of activewear or athleisure wear on our site currently (specifically or broad):

Circle what you are interested in:    BRAND AMBASSADOR      MODELING     BOTH


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