Hey ladies! I’m Amy Wimmers -- wife, mother, health & fitness enthusiast, and creator of THE ASH. 

Growing up I was shy and self-conscious. I cared entirely too much about what other people thought of me. I constantly compared myself to other girls around me. I struggled with confidence and comparison the majority of my life… Never really feeling beautiful or enough.

Everything changed after having my own beautiful daughter Andi. I started to really pursue a healthy lifestyle. I started taking care of myself in ways I didn’t even know I needed. I started planning and carving out time to workout daily, taking care of my mental health, fueling my body with nutrition food. I had no idea how much these little things would change my life.

By prioritizing the time to invest in myself, care for myself and improve my overall health and fitness, I literally transformed my entire life for the better. Now, not only could I better care for myself and my family, but for the first time, I felt the confidence to conquer all areas of my life. I felt capable. 

Health and fitness changed my life. I believe that by caring for myself through a consistent healthy lifestyle, I was able to build the self-confidence I lacked for the majority of my life….the self-confidence I want to instill in my daughter and in future generations of women.

THE ASH’s vision is to create a world where EVERY woman loves herself and knows her limitless potential; To cultivate a future of healthy, confident woman who live boldly in pursuit of their dreams and goals!

THE ASH’s mission is to instill confidence and self love in every woman who puts in our gear.

When you wear THE ASH (our gear), I want you to feel confident.

I want you to feel unstoppable.

I want you to feel...



& Strong.

Because you are. 

Noone is YOU - and that is your superpower. 

I want ALL women to feel amazing about themselves, both inside & out!

I created THE ASH to inspire you, to motivate you, to encourage you to be you, the fullest, happiest, best you.

I want YOU to fall in love with YOU, and share that love and inspiration with the world.